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Vilcabamba Maps

This website is dedicated to study of the Vilcabamba region of Peru - a place of exciting Incan discovery.

In reading books about this area, I found it difficult to remember what areas are where and what those areas are famous for. So I decided to create an interactive map. Some locations were on some maps but not on others. So finding a certain location meant jumping from book to book and going to the library. So I decided to make it easier and more efficient.

This is a great map for following along in your book or study of the Incas.


This website is for educational use only and not intended to take advantage of current excellent publications. I update the bibliography regularly. I have found it very difficult to find books and maps - if you've found a handy resource or tips or have photos of places that I dont, please let me know at andy@ .

Books and maps used (colors indicate which map they are associated with) :

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