A study of the pre-Inca fortress up the valley from Ollantaytambo. The site features a rare zig-zag wall.


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Sacred Valley:
Calca, Huascar royal estate
Chinchero, Topa Inca royal estate
Huchuy Cusco, Viracocha estate
Moray circle terraces
Ollantaytambo, W side of Valley
Pumamarca, near Ollantaytambo
Pisac, E side of Valley
Yucay, Huayna Capac royal estate

Sacred Valley region

Cusco region

Main Map

Machu Picchu and Inca Trail:
Machu Picchu, original lost city
Chachabamba, huaca along Urubamba
Choquesuysuy, large site along Urubamba
Huayna Picchu, MP overlook
Inty Pata, along Inca Trail, very long stairs
Phuyu Pata Marka, along Inca Trail, odd building
Sayac Marka, fort along Inca Trail
Winay Wayna, along Inca Trail, 16 fountains

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